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Pre-listing Home Inspection


Before the home is listed on the real estate market, Spectrum Inspection Group,  Inc., conducts a detailed home inspection, and creates a report (with images) to provide to the seller. The seller may then repair any issues as they see fit. Doing so thus helps the home to be safer and more desirable to potential

Performance Standards Review Inspections


We commonly refer to this type of an inspection as a “PSR”. This type of inspection uses the Residential Resale Property Inspection as a basis but also includes a review of the workmanship and craftsmanship of the elements of the home.

Residential Resale Property Inspections


This is our most commonly used inspection criteria. It is used on existing homes that are being conveyed to a new homeowner. The home could be a HUD home, a bank owned home, a “fix and flip” home, or a multi-million dollar custom home.

Sample Advanced Scope Home Inspection Report:

Sample Residential Resale Property Inspection Report

Please call or email our office should you desire a sample report of our Performance Standards Review Inspection (performed one newly built homes or for homes nearing the end of their one year builder’s warranty).

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