Pre-listing Home Inspection

Before the home is listed on the real estate market, Spectrum

Inspection Group,  Inc., conducts a detailed home inspection, and creates a report (with images) to provide to the seller.

The seller may then repair any issues as they see fit. Doing so thus helps the home to be safer and more desirable to potential buyers. Once the seller makes changes, we then return to the property and write an appendix to the inspection report, stating what was repaired. 


During the purchasing transaction, the inspection report and the appendix are given to the buyer as a supplement to the SRPD (Sellers Real Property Disclosure).  This is more desirable in that the seller actively took advanced steps to ensure that the home is safe and aesthetically pleasing. 

If the buyer, upon having a home inspection of their own performed on the property, finds minor issues with the home, their request to the seller to correct this issue, it will already have been disclosed in the SRPD.  The seller will therefore be released of liability to repair those issues. One of the most advantageous facets of a pre-listing inspection is the absence of disastrous surprises that could cause the buyer to retract their offer. By having a pre-listing inspection performed, the seller could save thousands of dollars AND be released of higher liability. 

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