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The truth is, the lowest priced inspection is almost never a good value.  Our market is inundated with new, inexperienced inspectors.  The inexperienced inspectors offer cheap inspections for a reason; it’s the only way they can get business.  When it comes to pricing, the experienced  inspectors who offer a high quality service won’t even attempt to compete with the low-ball inspectors.   We’re not in the same league.

More often than not the lowest priced inspector ends up being the most expensive inspection available when they fail to discover  an issue that can cost you thousands of dollars to correct.  And even the most expensive may not be the best inspection either.  It’s not the lowest or highest priced inspection that you should be looking for; you need to find an inspector that provides the best value.

We have a very solid and well established reputation for performing high quality inspections and exceeding our customers and clients expectations.  We believe we are under-priced.  We believe our inspections are more comprehensive than any other inspection service available in the Las Vegas Valley regardless of price.

Do your research, compare price against the quality offered and then get the inspection that provides the greatest value.  We’d be honored to be of service!



up to 1200 square feet                               $270.00


less than 1200 square feet                         $300.00

1,201 – 1,400 square feet                           $310.00

1,401 – 1,600 square feet                           $320.00

1,601 – 1,800 square feet                           $330.00

1,801 – 2,000 square feet                           $340.00

2,001 – 2,200 square feet                           $350.00

2,201 – 2,400 square feet                           $360.00

2,401 – 2,600 square feet                           $370.00

2,601 – 2,800 square feet                           $380.00

2,801 – 3,000 square feet                           $390.00

3,001 – 3,200 square feet                           $410.00

3,201 – 3,400 square feet                           $420.00

3,401 – 3,600 square feet                           $430.00

3,601 – 3,800 square feet                           $440.00

3,801 – 4,000 square feet                           $450.00


Homes 4,001-6000 square feet are priced at 13 cents per square foot of the total living area for the home.

Homes 6001-7000  square feet are priced at 15 cents per square foot of the total living area for the home.

Homes 7001  square feet and above are priced at 17 cents per square foot of the total living area for the home.


PSR additions to the standard fee above that applies to your home is a $125 flat fee.


Pool = $40.00
Spa =  $40.00
Pool / Spa Combination – If both a pool and a spa are present then we charge a total of $70. This discounts the fee by $10.00 because they share common pumps, piping and equipment.


Four-plex and multi-plex units are priced as above plus an additional $40.00 for each unit


Ranges from 8 cents to 17 cents per square foot, depending on the complexity of the space.

ADDITIONAL FEES (as applicable):

Homes over 30 years of age = No Charge

Lighting pilots in water heaters, fireplaces and furnaces = No Charge

Infrared Mold Survey = No Charge

De-winterizing or restoration of water to the home = No Charge

Re-inspections or verification of repairs performed = $75 and up

Well Inspections (on a limited review) = No Charge

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  It is vitally important to verify electrical, water, and gas utilities are established to the property to facilitate the inspection.   Spectrum Inspection Group does not offer any guarantees or provide refunds for services rendered.


PRIVACY POLICY:  All home inspection reports are the property of the client and no information in the reports and no information regarding our clients will be provided to Listing Agents, Sellers, or any other party without express permission of the client.

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