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About Our Team:

Each of our inspectors possesses an extensive skill set that contributes immensely to performing property inspections. While they all come from different backgrounds, each inspector brings unique knowledge and capabilities to our team. This truly makes Spectrum an outstanding company.


Every inspector maintains a positive attitude and completes our scope of service by exceeding standards and expectations constantly while delivering the Advanced Scope Inspection. All inspectors and office staff work 7 days a week and do everything possible to create an outstanding experience for our clients and customers. This is only possible through teamwork.


Our inspectors hold weekly meetings in order to discuss ways to achieve a higher level of service at every inspection, whether it be through returning to the property after an inspection to re-inspect, or to provide a presentation at the conclusion of the inspection. We accommodate same day inspection requests and perform inspections at odd hours to accommodate the schedules of our clients. Our reports are guaranteed within a 24 hour turn around. Every single member of our company is dedicated to giving you the best service possible.

Lynn Donohue

Lynn Donohue is a home inspection innovator and has been with Spectrum Inspection Group since the very beginning. In 1998 the introduction to motherhood gave rise to the company and Lynn worked as co-owner until 2014 when she gained sole ownership of the company.

In addition to the wealth of experience that Lynn brings to Spectrum, she also brings her hands on managerial style, passion for the inspection process, and a desire to provide the best quality inspections. These qualities in addition to her highly educated and passionate team have resulted in improvements to Spectrum’s “Advanced Scope Inspection™” and, more recently, a re-imagining of Spectrum’s “New Home Performance Standards Review” developed specifically to catch the problems found within new construction homes that normal inspections miss. Beyond working on improving the scope and quality of inspections, Lynn has also strived to develop lasting professional relationships with those she works with. Even after 18 years of working at Spectrum, Lynn continues to find it incredibly rewarding to work in an environment that consistently proves to be full of satisfied inspectors, office staff, customers, and clients alike - a direct representation of her and her staff’s dedication and devotion to exceeding expectations in the home inspection industry.

Lynn and Spectrum Inspection Group, Inc. have never been stronger in the 18 years of business! Utilizing the strength of a full time staff of inspection coordinators and an educated and qualified team of inspectors, Spectrum Inspection Group, Inc. is capable of accommodating any and all special requests. Contact Spectrum Inspection Group, Inc. to utilize the Advanced Scope Inspection and receive the most detailed inspection available!

Benjamin Grove
Brand New Home Specialist / Field Supervisor

Ben is our new homes specialist and performs very skilled home inspections. He has been promoted to lead and manage the Performance Standards Review department of Spectrum Inspection Group for newly constructed homes. Look for him on Real Estate Radio Network Las Vegas! In addition to his quality inspections, Ben is also known for his good-natured and kind personality. With experience of having owned his own construction/contracting firm, Ben is able to easily identify the exact condition of a structure and explain it clearly to clients. He has been involved in providing construction services, remodeling homes, and executing home improvements–Ben is an expert on homes in general. As a graduate of Penn State University, Ben is well-educated and intelligent, which is displayed in all aspects of his work. His phenomenal communication skills and patient nature allows Ben to provide clients with a clear understanding of everything that occurs during the inspection. With his great personality and his extensive field of experience, Ben is sure to provide a quality home inspection.

Johnn Jones

As a former real estate agent, he is personally familiar with all aspects of the home-buying process, so he knows the perspectives, as well as the expectations, of all parties involved – the agent, the buyer, and the home inspector. This is extremely beneficial in that he can communicate effectively and guarantee the satisfaction of both the agent and buyer. Johnn has a great deal of experience with top-shelf and luxury homes, such as intricate custom-built houses, celebrity homes, and large properties in neighborhoods such as the Crowns, Queenridge, and Spanish Trails. Johnn’s friendly and eager nature exemplify his desire to do whatever it takes to ensure the success of everyone involved.

Dallas Locklear

Dallas has superb accuracy and precision, making him an excellent addition to the team. He has extensive experience in plumbing, framing, and fire safety code, which enhances the quality of his inspections. Not only is he experienced in home inspections, but he is also knowledgeable about commercial property inspections, which displays the diversity of our team. Through completing numerous inspections throughout the Las Vegas valley, Dallas has attained many satisfied customers that value his service. He is extremely passionate about empowering buyers and agents, and views it as his objective to fulfill the needs of everyone involved in the inspection process. Additionally, Dallas’ gentle spirit and kind nature make him approachable and eager to provide the best service possible.

Arthur Evans

Arthur Evan is a former business owner and graduate of the University of Phoenix with a focus on Business Management.

Arthur made the transition from the owner of a home remodeling company to inspector at Spectrum after noticing how much comfort and protection home inspectors are able to offer to buyers during the home-buying process. Since joining the Spectrum team he consistently excels at ensuring customers understand both what is going on within the homes he inspects and how to proceed with that knowledge. Arthur is a wonderful addition to the Spectrum team. Beyond his warm personality and customer service skills, he brings to Spectrum his experience as a business owner within the real estate field and over 21 years of experience as a civil engineer with the United States Air Force. Arthur started his journey as a home inspector because he wanted to ensure that customers received the best possible inspection. His work reflects his continued belief in this ideal.

Jack Johnson

Jack Johnson is a great addition to the team at Spectrum Inspection Group, Inc. He grew up in Rochester, New York where he earned his associate’s degree from Monroe Community College.

Jack served as an Inspector for a decade inspecting healthcare facilities for compliance with the NFPLA Life Safety Code. He enjoyed utilizing his very detailed and meticulous inspection skills, along with in depth report writing on these very large structures and thus became interested in the field of real property inspections.

Jack has experience as a management consultant specializing in customer service and working very closely with the public, teaching them fire and life safety nationwide. He loves working with people and helping them, which is displayed in his volunteer service working as a firefighter and EMT for over 20 years.

Jack’s good nature, strong customer service skills and attention to detail peaked his interest in the “Performance Standards Review” department of Spectrum Inspection Group, Inc. for newly built homes. This specialty inspection requires a specific skill set from an inspector of structures, which Jack possesses. He enjoys participating in the conveyance of a new home where the buyer receives the quality paid for and assuring the home meets the minimum standards set forth by the State of Nevada for new build homes. Once you meet Jack, you will see that his passion for people and the inspection process make him a great attribute to the “Performance Standards Review” department for newly constructed homes and the home inspection industry in general.

Alina Martiniuc
Director of Business Development

Alina is the Director of Business Development at Spectrum Inspection Group and has been with the company since 2006. She is one of 16 siblings and in 1983 her family came to America to flee the danger and communism happening in Romania. Alina is grateful to have the opportunity to experience a life of freedom in the United States. She grew up in California and moved to Las Vegas in 2003 to pursue real estate.

Alina was a licensed realtor in the state of Nevada so she can empathize with the realtor’s we work with. She understands the need for a smooth home inspection and provides excellent customer service to all parties involved. Beyond helping ensure that Spectrum runs smoothly on a day-to-day basis, Alina also contributes by assisting both customers and inspectors alike with quality control to make sure they are getting first class service and making sure all their needs are met, making it a positive environment. Spectrum is truly lucky to have Alina on board.