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Meet the Spectrum Inspection Group, Inc. Office Staff!

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Meet Lynn Donohue, the visionary behind Spectrum Inspection Group’s pioneering journey. Lynn embarked on this venture in 1998, coinciding with the profound experience of motherhood. She played an instrumental role as co-owner until 2014 when she assumed sole ownership, steering the company to new heights.

Lynn’s tenure at Spectrum is marked by a rich tapestry of experience. Her hands-on managerial approach, unwavering passion for the inspection process, and commitment to delivering top-tier inspections define her leadership. These attributes, combined with her dedicated and knowledgeable team, have led to the evolution of Spectrum’s signature “Advanced Scope Inspectionâ„¢” and a recent transformation of the “New Home Performance Standards Review.”

Beyond enhancing the depth and quality of inspections, Lynn has cultivated enduring professional relationships with all stakeholders. After 26 years and over 70,000 inspections at Spectrum, she finds immense satisfaction in a work environment characterized by content inspectors, efficient office staff, and delighted customers and clients. This success stands as a testament to her and her team’s relentless dedication to surpassing expectations in the home inspection industry.

Today, Spectrum Inspection Group, Inc. stands stronger than ever in its 26-year history. With a full-time team of inspection coordinators and a highly qualified group of inspectors, we are fully equipped to accommodate any special requests. Contact Spectrum Inspection Group, Inc. to experience the pinnacle of home inspections through our Advanced Scope Inspection – the epitome of thoroughness and detail.

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Office Manager

Casey Kealoha is the friendly face and meticulous mind that keeps our office running like a well-oiled machine. With several years of office experience in the home inspection industry under her belt, Casey is the ideal candidate to oversee Spectrum’s administrative operations. But that’s not all – while juggling her responsibilities at Spectrum, Casey is pursuing two bachelor’s degrees in Elementary Education and Spanish Language, building on the two degrees she completed in May 2021.

Casey’s journey with Spectrum has been nothing short of impressive. Over the past eight years, she has intermittently contributed to the company’s growth and development. However, her role has truly flourished over the past five years as she has assumed full-time office management duties. When you reach out to our office, Casey is likely the cheerful voice on the other end of the line. Her unwavering attention to detail ensures that she can assist with any inquiry or request you may have – whether it’s about gathering information or scheduling your very own Spectrum Inspection. Casey’s dedication and expertise make her an invaluable asset to our team, and we are delighted to have her as the cornerstone of our office operations.

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Scheduling Coordinator

Chloe, the youngest daughter of our company’s owner, Lynn Donohue, is a true home inspection prodigy. She was quite literally born into this business more than two decades ago, and her journey has been nothing short of remarkable. Growing up in the company’s midst, Chloe has absorbed the wealth of knowledge and expertise her mother possesses.

Chloe’s youthful and welcoming appearance may deceive you, as she has already earned an undergraduate degree and boasts over five years of invaluable experience working full-time with Spectrum. Her friendly demeanor is a true reflection of her character, but it’s her deep knowledge and unique perspective that set her apart. Chloe’s immersion in the world of home inspections from an early age has allowed her to develop an exceptional understanding of the field. Her presence on the Spectrum team is a testament to her dedication and a valuable asset for our clients. Welcome to a new generation of excellence in home inspections, courtesy of Chloe!

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Office Assistant

Donna is the embodiment of versatility within Spectrum. She wears many hats, seamlessly transitioning from tasks in the accounting department to fielding office calls and collaborating with our marketing team. Donna is, without a doubt, our jack of all trades.

Her proactive and can-do attitude sets her apart, and her meticulous attention to detail ensures that every aspect of Spectrum’s office operations is finely tuned and efficient. Donna’s ability to navigate various roles makes her a vital and unique asset, helping us maintain excellence across the board. When it comes to keeping things in tip-top shape, Donna is the driving force that makes it all happen.

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Company Mascot

What can we say? Here is Arthur! Spectrum’s own little mascot, Arthur is a mix of chihuahua, poodle, and terrier. He is small but mighty, and does his best to make sure that everyone at Spectrum Inspection Group is well-snuggled!

Meet the Spectrum Inspection Group, Inc. Inspectors!

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Meet Jack, a true advocate for quality and excellence! Jack Johnson brings a wealth of experience and a passion for meticulous inspection to our Spectrum team. Hailing from Rochester, New York, Jack obtained his associate’s degree from Monroe Community College. He spent a decade as an Inspector, meticulously examining healthcare facilities to ensure compliance with the NFPLA Life Safety Code. This role honed his keen eye for detail and report-writing skills, particularly in the context of large structures.

Jack’s journey into the realm of real property inspections was sparked by his fascination with the intricacies of this field. His career also encompasses a role as a management consultant, specializing in customer service and working closely with the public, disseminating vital fire and life safety knowledge nationwide. His enduring commitment to assisting people is evident through his remarkable 20-year tenure as a volunteer firefighter and EMT, where he selflessly served his community.

Jack’s exceptional nature, coupled with his robust customer service skills and unwavering attention to detail, naturally drew him to the “Performance Standards Review” department at Spectrum Inspection Group, Inc., particularly focusing on newly constructed homes. This specialized inspection demands a unique skill set, one that Jack undeniably possesses. He finds immense satisfaction in facilitating the transfer of a new home to its buyer, ensuring that they receive the quality they’ve paid for and that the home meets the stringent standards set forth by the State of Nevada for newly built homes.

Upon meeting Jack, you’ll quickly discover his profound passion for people and the inspection process, making him an invaluable asset to the “Performance Standards Review” department and the broader home inspection industry.

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Home Inspector

Meet Sean, your go-to expert for meticulous home inspections. With a background in film studies from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Sean is renowned for their attention to detail and unwavering commitment to excellence. Honored with the Dean’s List distinction at UNLV and an Honors Diploma from Green Valley High School, they bring academic rigor to the world of home inspection.

Sean has been inspecting homes throughout Las Vegas with precision and dedication for many years, offering comprehensive reports and transparent communication to clients. Their ability to build lasting relationships with realtors and clients sets them apart as a trusted partner in ensuring top-quality home inspections. Choose Sean for your Spectrum inspection needs and experience firsthand the difference a detail-oriented and dedicated professional can make. Your peace of mind is their priority.

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Home Inspector

Rick Jackson is an invaluable asset at Spectrum Inspection Group, Inc. With a wealth of experience and certifications in home inspection, including NACHI and IAC2 Mold & Radon, Rick is a seasoned professional dedicated to excellence. Rick has served in a variety of roles within the building trades industry, including as a Supervisor of Training & Development for home inspectors, honing his skills and mentoring others in the field.

What truly distinguishes Rick is his exceptional ability to build strong client relationships. Beyond technical expertise, he understands that successful inspections require trust and transparency. Rick’s commitment to delivering top-tier service makes him an invaluable strength within our team. Choose Rick Jackson for your home inspection needs, and experience the peace of mind that comes from working with a seasoned, client-focused expert.

We at Spectrum Inspection Group, Inc. are very lucky to have Rick as a part of our awesome team!

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Home Inspector

Meet Jakob, a certified home inspector with Internachi and Nevada state credentials, offering expertise in both residential and commercial inspections. Jakob’s experience spans across Nevada and California, where he has not only streamlined inspection processes but also introduced innovative technologies to the field.

In addition to his inspection background, Jakob boasts a unique skill set from his years working with Cirque du Soleil shows, particularly in overseeing the technical intricacies of underwater performances. This experience has sharpened his meticulous eye and attention to detail, traits that seamlessly translate into the realm of home inspections.

Jakob’s professional approach is complemented by his friendly and easy-going demeanor, which brings a refreshing and relaxed energy to the often chaotic world of real estate. Specializing in Performance Standards Review inspections, Jakob offers a distinctive service by evaluating newly constructed homes against state and national standards. His buoyant personality is an invaluable asset in making buyers feel comfortable and empowered in their property purchases. With Jakob, you not only gain a highly detailed and observant inspector but also a partner who ensures that your inspection experience is both informative and enjoyable.

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Home Inspector

Cody Tengler is a seasoned home inspector, with a track record of excellence dating back to early 2021. With hundreds of inspections under his belt, Cody brings a wealth of experience to every evaluation. Holding both InterNACHI and ICA certifications, he maintains the highest industry standards, ensuring your peace of mind.

Prior to joining our team in Nevada, Cody owned a successful home inspection company in Colorado. His entrepreneurial spirit and meticulous approach were honed there, making him an invaluable asset to Sprectum Inspection Group. His commitment to thoroughness is unwavering, ensuring no detail goes unnoticed.

When you choose Cody Tengler, you’re selecting a dedicated professional who exceeds industry norms. His mission is to represent Sprectum Inspection Group with distinction while providing you with comprehensive and reliable inspection services. Experience the difference with Cody; schedule your inspection today.

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Home Inspector

Craig brings two decades of hands-on experience in the building trades to the Spectrum team, including an impressive 15-year tenure as a plumbing contractor. Beyond plumbing, his expertise extends to remodeling, electrical service, and HVAC service and repair. Craig’s unique perspective as a real estate investor adds depth to his understanding of the entire real estate transaction process.

What truly sets Craig apart is his personal involvement in numerous building rehabilitations, a background that has honed his unmatched attention to detail as an inspector. With his extensive plumbing experience, he also specializes in sewer camera inspections, offering a comprehensive approach to your inspection needs.

As a specialist in evaluating newly constructed homes against state and national standards, Craig ensures that your investment aligns with the highest quality benchmarks. Beyond his technical prowess, Craig’s kind-hearted personality adds an extra layer of comfort and confidence to his thorough and informative Spectrum Inspection services. Selecting Craig means more than just securing an expert; it means acquiring a reliable professional for your real estate venture.