Performance Standards Review Inspections

Performance Standards Review Inspections

We commonly refer to this type of an inspection as a “PSR”.  This type of inspection uses the Residential Resale Property Inspection as a basis but also includes a review of the workmanship and craftsmanship of the elements of the home.  A PSR inspection is the only type of inspection we perform on new construction homes that have never been lived in and are being conveyed to the first homeowner by the builder.  PSR inspections are also used to review homes where the one-year warranty with the builder is set to expire.  The workmanship and craftsmanship provided by the builder is assessed against the minimum standards required to be provided as delineated by the Nevada State Contractors Board.  This is our most comprehensive inspection.

If you are purchasing a new construction home from a builder do not make the mistake of believing that because the home was reviewed by the municipal inspectors that it will be defect-free.  Municipal inspectors are code inspectors and do not review the home for compliance to minimum acceptable levels of quality, workmanship, and craftsmanship.  In our PSR inspection we do.  If you wish to reduce or eliminate the amount of blue painter’s tape all over the interior and exterior of your home after your orientation walk with the builder’s customer service representative then have us come in and have us perform our PSR inspection.

Make sure you are getting what you are paying for in your brand new home!

All newly built homes need home inspections!

You will hear that you don’t need a home inspection because the home is new, the home is under warranty, or the home has had various inspections from municipal inspectors and the superintendent of the project.

None of the reasons listed above covers what it is that we do, and what it is that you need during the purchase of a newly built home. There is still a great need to get a “Performance Standards Review” inspection.

In our 19 years of experience we have found that there is almost always a defect that the builder is required to fix prior to closing or under the one-year warranty with a new home.

We often find defects that the builder is required to repair for free under warranty because it is nearly impossible for every subcontractor to meet the minimum standards required on each home.

Why use this unique inspection service?

  • Ensure you are getting the quality you are paying for
  • Save money on future repair and maintenance issues
  • Motivate the builder to provide a quality home
  • Find and fix problems before they grow into larger issues

Our exclusive “Performance Standards Review” inspection for newly constructed homes is different than a Residential Resale Property inspection on homes that have had previous owners!

Why is a “Performance Standards Review” more expensive than a resale inspection?

On a “Performance Standards Review” we are inspecting not only structural and mechanical, but we are adding cosmetic, workmanship, craftsmanship, and quality assurance of each subcontractor. We still do thermography and Low-E window testing on all new home inspections as we do on resales. The “Performance Standards Review” inspection is more labor intensive onsite and in the report writing phase because we’re looking for more items.

The price that you will pay for the inspection ends up paying for itself because the builder will pay for repair and maintenance items you would normally pay for yourself.

Why should you get a “Performance Standards Review” inspection by Spectrum Inspection Group, Inc.?

  • Ensure that your home meets the standards outlined by the Nevada State Contractor’s board.
  • We are the exclusive authors of this service, no other company that we know of is adhering to this criteria
  • We check more elements and of a different nature of the home and often find defects that a municipal inspector is not looking for
  • The builder is obligated to repair many items free of charge

When should you get a “Performance Standards Review” inspection on a new home?

  • Prior to closing is the best time because the builder’s motivation is high and his crew will all be available to you in order to promote an on time closing
  • The next best time is after recordation prior to moving in so we can inspect without personal belongings as we are evaluating walls, floors, countertops, etc.
  • If we are allowed to inspect the property prior to you moving in our view of the construction is not only unobstructed but you will not have the inconvenience and mess living in a home that is being repaired
  • In the 11th month during warranty after the home has settled which will save the homeowner money on maintenance and repairs issues


For pricing please see the “Our Fees” section to select base price then add the following PSR additions.

For homes up to 4,000 square feet add $125

For homes 4,000-6,000 square feet add $225

For homes over 6,000 square feet please call for a quote.


Looking for a quality and affordable home inspection?